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Haldimand County

Small town charm and strong community growth.

Covering Caledonia, Dunnville, Hagersville, Jarvis, and Cayuga

The county is adjacent to Norfolk County, the County of Brant, the City of Hamilton, the Regional Municipality of Niagara, and shares its southern border with the shores of Lake Erie. Part of the Six Nations Reserve is within the geographic area of Haldimand County, but is independent of the county. Haldimand County Ranked # 13 in Maclean’s Best Communities in Canada 2019, with its most attractive categories being weather, wealth and economy, and health.

Most of Haldimand is agricultural land, although there is a significant industrial and commercial business presence in the area. Haldimand County enjoys a central location with first-class access to vast North American markets. Within its borders, the County includes Highway 3, Highway 6, and Highway 54, with the latter two connecting to the 400 series highways and providing strong east-west and north-south access across the province and into the United States.

With 87 kilometers of Lake Erie waterfront and the Grand River, a designated heritage river running through the municipality, Haldimand County draws many tourists from surrounding areas, as local attractions such as Bing Conservation Park see more than 300,000 visitors each year. The Grand River, which flows through Haldimand County, connects the county with its surrounding region.

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Our Services

We provide market value opinions, for use in a variety of situations. From mortgage financing to complex corporate restructurings, you can depend on our work.

  • HST Valuation

    Providing a market value opinion for self assessment of HST on new developments.

  • Mortgage Financing

    A large portion of our work involves bank financing of existing or newly acquired real estate.

  • Expropriations

    Providing market value opinions for expropriation of part or all of your property. Including consideration for Injurious Affection.

  • Partial Takings

    Partial takings allow the government to expropriate the parts of an asset it needs, leaving the owner the remainder. Partial takings present unique valuation scenarios and require our expertise for accurate compensation.

  • Division of assets related to marriage or division of a corporate entity

    If going through a separation, proper appraisals are important in determining the division of assets.

  • V-Day Valuations

    For aid in determining Capital Gains when an asset has been retained prior to December 31, 1971.

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